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    All of a sudden I cannot get into the phone app. If I call the phone it automatically connects me. However, if I push the phone key, the screen blinks, but it stays in the same app I am in and does not bring up the phone app.

    I reset the phone but that did not fix it.

    Any ideas?

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    What happens when you select the phone app from the main app list?
    Things to try:
    Prefs -> button -> set phone app to button or another button to test
    try a soft reset.
    hard reset (after back up)
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    When I go into that app
    Prefs -> button -> set phone app

    The phone app was not settable. So I did a hard reset and a restore and now it works
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    Is there the possibility you may be running a remapping application? A good reason to be careful with them is what you just experienced. Ben

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