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    Hi all! Just got an unlocked cingular 650 that i use on t-mobile and thought i would update before i did anything else. Would i downloaded the unlocked gsm? or the cingular update? Thanks a ton.
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    Is it running Cingular software? (Software version in Phone Info ends with CNG or CNB?) If so, then use the Cingular update. Otherwise, check the description at Palm's web site for the versions acceptable for that. Without some additional effort, you can't mix these. The software version you use has no effect on locking/unlocking.
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    I've got 1.17-CNG wich appears to be the latest. Thanks for the help holmes4. At least I'll know what to do when something new is available now =)
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    You can also upgrade to the 1.20ENA version of the ROM. It's for Unlocked GSM phones, but there's a special version for the Cingular phones floating around here. I've used it to get rid of the Cingular-branded stuff and to use as a base for my custom ROM.
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