I have been using the Jabra SP500 speakerphone with the Treo 700. It works ok. It seemed to work better than the last generation (ie Jabra SP100).

I have seen some new ones in the market now such as the Sony Ericsson HCB100 and HCB 300, VR3 VRB100VS (has caller id screen), Maxcall KT130B and Motorola T305. I am sure ther are others as well. Has anyone tried any of the above or others that has been really satisfied with it. I want a standalone unit that does not require installation (other than placing on the sunvisor and pairing) and does not need to be plugged into the cigarette lighter.

Any feedback would be greatly appreicated. Would be willing to trade a review of the Jabra SP500 with someone with knowledge of others.