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    Hello, I purchased the treo 650 cingular brand unlocked, after attempting several times to access the internet I call suncom, my carrier, and told the phone states check configuration. I asked what to do to reconfigure the phone and they stated that I could not use it on the web, only to make and receive calls and for text messaging. Is this true??? Is there anything I can do??
    Thank you for your help in advance!!!
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    The 650 is certainly capable of accessing the internet. Maybe somebody in your country ? and on suncom will be able to help with the setup, if suncom provides that capability.
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    Thanks, I will ask them again.
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    Even if your carrier does not offer data plans, you should be able to use your 650 via dial-up to any ISP. Of course while you are on a call to an ISP you cannot use your phone and you are limited to modem speeds, but it is better than nothing. I have this configured as a backup with my BellSouth ISP if for any reason the Cingular data network goes down.

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