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    I had a 650 w/ Sprint. I went through 3 treos due to unacceptable software issues which i returned at the local Sprint store each time.

    Now on Cingy, and cant wait to give the 680 a shot! BUT, what if it needs to be returned? No Palm stores in Chicago.

    Anyone experience Palm's customer service? Anyone else concerned with this?
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    Do the Palm stores in the airports plan on having the colors? I must see the colors before I buy and I see the palm stores weekly in the airport. That would be sweet to pick one up next week, if so.
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    I had one replacement with them. I didn't pay for shipping so I had to mail it in and wait for replacement. It's OK. Just remember don't send in the battery. In the instruction it doesn't tell you the keep the battery but the replacement doesn't come with battery.
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    my 650 keyboard went out after about 4 months. i went through cingular and they sent me a "like product" with an RMA label so all i had to do was box it up and send it back in the same box.

    BTW "like product" was an interesting conversation. bottom line, they would only say it is not new. it's been running hard for over 18 months no problems though and it looked fine.

    i would sum up my 1 replacement experience with Cingular as good.

    but I'm an existing customer and don't want to commit to the years or the high priced data so I'm buying from Palm this time since the no contract price is cheaper. that way if (and when) the 750 wows me I can sell it to a guy from work who has tmobile and always checks out my 650.
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    I had a lot of issues with my Treo 600. Had to return it to Palm on a few occasions. They always shipped it to me next day with paid return service through DHL. The customer reps would always tell me to keep both the new and old phone for a few days to see if the new one was problem free. Palm customer care will always walk you through the reseting, setup routine before they will send you out a new unit. So far, my 650 has been going strong. I almost gave up on Palm and even tried the MPX220 and SE900 for a while. I'm just glad Palm is still making phones with the Palm OS.
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