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    Hey all.

    I've been searching threads for a while trying to answer some questions:

    1. Is there a way for 650 users to wirelessly sync not just Calendar and Email with Outlook, but also Contacts and Tasks? Like a 3rd Party App or something?

    2. What about the 700? Can any of the 700s do this? Like maybe the ones with Windows Mobile OS?

    I am already syncing my Outlook Email and Calendar wirelessly using Exchange 2003, but I really want Contacts and Tasks to sync as well.

    Please understand - I don't mean via Hotsync, like with Pocketmirror or something. I mean being able to do it anywhere in the world where I have phone signal, like I can with my Email and Contacts using Versamail to sync.

    If we Treo users do not have this ability, then that's a major leg-up the Blackberry people have on us.
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    hotsync via the network. You may need to open and forward ports on your router. If you have a dynamic IP you will need a way to resolve the address.
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    Forgive this noob question, but - are you saying it's possible to Hotsync via network using neither a cable nor Bluetooth? (i.e. anywhere I have phone signal?)
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    Who is your carrier? If it's Verizon, then just use the verizon's own email sync software. I forget what they call it...but it is just a rebranding of intellisync's wireless email express. If you're on verizon, then the mobile sync software is free and included. Ask their data support dept for details on installation and usage. Otherwise, you will have to buy it and use it yourself...I think it's like $15/mo directly from nokia (the people who bought intellisync). See for full details.

    Basically: You install the sync software on your computer, and on your phone. It wirelessly and automatically (via push) syncs all your PIM information with outlook or lotus notes. (email, contacts, calendar, and to do).

    It works well, and is completely seamless.
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    Yes you can hotsync via the internet:

    Network HotSync technology allows you to connect and synchronize between your Palm III connected organizer and your desktop PC running the Palm Desktop 3.0 software. Using the Network HotSync capability, you are able to synchronize your organizer with your Palm Desktop software across a network connection. You can synchronize data through the network to your desktop PC in two ways: direct network connection and dial-in network connection. See the Helpnote on Network Hotsync Overview for more details.

    More information is avalable on the Palm website. Just search Network sync.
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    I have a Cingular-branded unlocked 650 on T-Mobile's network. My email program is VersaMail and I sync my Outlook Calendar and Contacts with my company's 2003 Exchange Server.


    Can I use Intellisync with Exchange 2003? I mean, I want to be able to syn it all (Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Email, Memos) with my phone anytime, from anywhere, with no cables or Bluetooth and regardless of whether or not the computer that I have Intellisync installed on is turned on or not. I certainly hope this is the case - I just paid $70 for Intellisync. Maybe I should have looked before I lept...

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