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    Hello. I have a couple of questions for the board. I am tired of carrying around my zire 72, cell phone, and ipod and looking to upgrade to one unit. The 680. Can I view almost any website on the 680's Blazer? Specifically, can I go to my bank's page and make online bill payments or check balances?

    My company uses lotus notes for email, so I am not sure if I will be able to sync company emails to this or not, but we do have a webmail client. Can I access the secure webmail address using Blazer?

    With iTunes, if I burn music in the mp3 format, all I need is a card reader, put the songs on the card and insert that card into the 680 and I've got tunes thru ptunes?

    I've not dealt with Cingular. Phone minutes are phone minutes, does email, web, etc fall strictly under data and not use phone minutes in any way shape or form?

    Thanks for your help.
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    On the work e-mail question check with your IT guys at work. Usually they can "push" e-mails to a phone so you don't have to visit any site. I'm planning on doing the same at my work. I've been told there are a couple ways to get that done but sorry don't know much about the details yet.

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