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    My highest score so far is in the 20000 range. ONLY ONCE, though. I usually 'hover' around 12-15000.


    ALSO . . . rows of four, and multiple removals count for a lot more!
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    I've gotten 18000 timed, and 14000 non-timed. (legit)

    **cheating** I've gotten 38000 - timed.

    Cheating is when you tap the menu icon on the silkscreen if you think you are going to need to look around for a few moves. If you get the drop down menu covering part of the game, you can just tap in the top right hand corner of the screen to clear the drop-down part covering the screen. It freezes the timer while you look around. Devious, I know, but it works.

    BTW, you guys are correct, the faster you go, the better the position of the new jewels, when they drop down....
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    I finally got past the 13K mark…how the hell are you guys/girls getting up to 30K, 40K and more?

    Fess up with some hints….

    Here’s something interesting…..Not sure if it has been covered or not, but a post somewhere on here said that their wife lost the sounds for the program.
    If you graffiti a “7” while playing the game you get a tweak option control panel. Not many changes to do but it will change your sounds from a click to an awful beep, and about two other settings you can play with.

    - Josh
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    How do people get really high scores on EASY mode?

    When I get to a point on the baord, where there are no more moves left. I lose.
    -Michael Ducker
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    For the first few dozen games I played (on "easy")I worked on the bottom as much as possible. My highest score was a little over 23,000. You score higher points because you end up with a string of completions. I decided to try and work the top. I focused on the top row. If nothing there I went down one, etc. That's how I got the 40,000. I made sure that I always had a move or two at the bottom so if I got down to just one move I had the opportunity to change the whole screen as opposed to ending up with the last move up at the top. The biggest problem that I had was when I got the bonus it often ruined my planned moves at the bottom and sometimes I would lose the move when a series of completions worked their way down the screen. That's what worked for me.
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