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    Cold hard cash being offered for a Sprint Treo 700p consultant.

    I migrated from a Sprint Treo 600 to a Sprint Treo 700p the "wrong way" by just HotSyncing all the old programs and data to the same username on the new device.

    I get crashes / freezes daily.

    I don't have to time to read through the forum entries and and figure out the best way to get a clean install and to use any other tricks to get a (relatively) crash free / freeze free Treo and am willing to pay someone to guide me.

    What I need (scope of work):

    Evaluation of where my Sprint Treo 700p is now and how to get it to optimum useability.

    Combination of phone and written support (phone support is mimimum requirement).

    Extra points for recommending programs / apps that could help me improve my 700p experience once I am crash free.

    Contact me at this address: His4ever2 - at - yahoo - dot - com
    if you are interested. Please provide a ballpark cost and your qualifications; after further scoping the job, we can arrive at a firm price and schedule for service and PayPal payment to you.

    Thanks in advance and God bless you all (and Happy Thanksgiving!)
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    You know, getting to a "crash free" state is not that difficult, though being truly crash free is just not possible. In a nut shell, long though, is what I have done.

    #1 - Resco Backup - install and use it. Set the options "lock risky apps" which is what I did first.

    #2 - Reset Doctor - I am hardcore and have all three options set and use the db cache option also at 5mb or so. - I use the beta and it is located at the bottom of the page (if listed),

    Resco Locker - for those apps that really just do not behave -

    And to safeguard your data on the go - Northglide's On Guard Backup -

    For a discussion on the file system problems, Rob at Hobbyistsoftware has a short discussion of it -

    Save yourself some money and taken an hour or so.

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    Start over with a clean install: just Replace the 650 in these instructions with 700P:

    Cheers, Perry
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    bclinger & gtwo:

    Thanks so much for your kind replies. gtwo - I decided to follow you concise instructions to restore the unit to new and am finding out one by one which programs cause problems.

    I'm well on my way - thanks again and God bless you!
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    Any questions you have I can probably answer. I don't have many posts here but that's just b/c I usually hang out over at howardforums, not cause I'm a noob. I've had Treos for 3 years now. Email me if you want at kabukiassassin(at)sprintpcs(dot)com & I'll be happy to help.

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