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    Is there any reason to go with a SanDisk "Ultra" SD card rather than the standard SanDisk SD card? I'm guessing the Ultra is faster. Will that matter much when used in a 700p? Would it make movie playback more stutter-free? GPS access speedier?
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    I have been wondering the same thing. I'm getting ready to buy the new Garmin Mobile 10x GPS, and I'll need a bigger card for sure. I've been wondering if a high speed card will make a significant difference. Anyone know?
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    There were several threads 9 months or so ago on the subject. Overall -- I remember the gist was the ultras are faster in the Treo.

    I have a 650 and my access to pictures on the SD card is about 3 times fasterwith the ultra. Don't know about you movie question.

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    Staples has a sale this weekend on 2GB Ultra SD cards. $39.98 plus tax. I checked earlier and the web store was already sold out.

    I bought one to store photos and documents on.
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    I got a 2 gig Ultra last night at Coimpusa for $5. It was 39.99 & I had a $38 gift certificate. It DOES seem faster than a regular card. Though for $5, it could be slow & I wouldn't care :P
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    I have 3 different sd cards in different speeds, one is rated standard, one is fast, and one is ultra fast. I back up to one of the cards every other day or so. If I use the standard card, a 24 MB backup takes 12 to 15 minutes, on the fast card it takes 4-5 minutes, and on the ultra card, it takes 1-2 minutes. So, in that regard, there's a huge difference. You'll probably also notice the difference if you write photos directly onto the card or write podcasts onto the card.

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