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    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned but I was trying to do a zero out reset and I noticed after pressing the reset button and if I don't release the other buttons I get an uption of updating ROM.

    Update ROM Image?
    Yes = <UP> button
    No = any other button

    I tried it again but this time I only held the the hotsync (did not release )button and pressed the reset button. Similar to how you put the 650 in boot loader. I then released the hotsync button, I pressed the up to try to update but I got an error that said ROM not on SD card. I take it this is now how you update the ROM On the phone.

    If this has been mentioned I appologize.
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    This is for updating the ROM via an SD card. This is for the techs, to just have the ROM on SD and reflash refurbs and repairs...
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    Now all we need is an updated ROM to flash it with.........

    Unfortunately, this is the hard part.

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