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    I am using Softick AudioGate 1.06 with the 650 to listen to music wirelessly. It also works on calls. I am using the Motorola HT820 headset. The problem I am having is the AudioGate is causing my phone to lock up repeatedly. I have to reset it at least once an hour. It usually happens after playing music or answering a call. It always happens when I use the buttons on the headset. Anybody out there with a similar set up with any tips?
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    I'd do a fresh clean instal of my whole system. Use backupman or backupbuddy before doing a hard reset and reload everything clean. Then restore only those files you need from your backup. Speed dial, blazer bookmarks and things like that.

    i do a fresh instal at least every 6 months and have maybe one reset a month and then I was usually pushing things because I got impatient.

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