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    So I've decided to join the smartphone craze. I guess I'm what you'd call a "prosumer", and I've been lurking here as well as hofo for awhile now. With the upcoming holiday season, I've pretty much narrowed down my smartphone choices to 2: the Treo 680 and the Samsung Blackjack. Granted, I'll probably get a few biased opinions here (which is kind of what I'm looking for), but I'm having the darndest time trying to decide between the two. I'll be upgrading through Cingular premier, so I'm guessing the price between the two will be relatively similar.

    I love the Treo 680 form factor; I'm not entirely sure why, but it just appeals to me. However, the Blackjack is no joke either, being part of the "slim and sexy" crowd.

    The OS is a big difference as well; I'd like to have POS simply because I can sync it easily with my Macbook. However, I can dual boot to windows and my main machine is a windows machine as well; never having used Palm OS before, what are some of the pros/cons compared to something like Windows Mobile (Smartphone)?

    Another thing I'm trying to weigh is the 'future-proofing' of this device. I'm a cell phone addict, but once in awhile I come across a device I end up using for a year. I'm desperately seeking such a device now so I can curb my addiction (not to mention it's easier on the pocketbook ), so the Samsung's 3g capabilities obviously are a plus. But I'm also intrigued by the touchscreen available on the 680s. Current 650 owners, how often do you find yourself using the navigational rocker instead of the touchscreen?

    Anyways, any constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!
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    The main difference between the two are the faster data connection of the Blackjack and the ability to do more out of the box with the 680. I will be going into Cingular to play with the BlackJack at some point this weekend, but most definitely I can say that you seem more like one who would appreciate the 680 because of its quirks (touchscreen, MacOS compatability). The 680 is sitting on my desk beside me, and I like it. Its not a great device (like you won't hear me - at least - saying that you should sell your Wii to get one); but its really solid and does some things that makes you smile because it was just thought of.
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    You may also want to consider the battery life on the Blackjack, which comes with 2 batteries. That's usually an indication of short battery life. Thin and sexy comes at a price, especially with 3G.
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    For me it's screen resolution, which is sharper and easier for my 40 yr old eyes. also being a mac user the 680 will work better for me.
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    Thanks for the tips guys. Keep them coming! I guess sometime this week I'll have to go in store and hold a 680 in my hands and stick it next to the blackjack before I make a final decision. Or, I could go nuts and just get both

    Antoinne, be sure to keep us updated with your thoughts on the 680! How is it in terms of an actual phone? Call quality, volume, bluetooth headset pairing, etc.

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