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    When choosing a city in the Last Used Cities dialog, the weather report is refreshed. I find this very frustrating. This makes it difficult to get a quick forecast (which is especially necessary if you've just told a group of people that you can get a "quick" forecast ;-) and probably impossible if the phone is used for DUN. It's also usually unnecessary if you automatically refresh the data automatically.

    I'd like to see the city selection not refresh the data implicitly. I'd rather make the refresh explicitly via the menu (Do > Refresh) or with the Refresh icon. As a part of this, the (Refresh) text in the Last Used Cities dialog would be deleted.

    I'd also suggest deleting the "Refresh all..." text from the Last Used Cities dialog since it's confusing and beyond the scope of the dialog which is to simply select (or delete) a city.

    I'd rename Do > Global Refresh to Refresh All. I suspect you named it this way to get a unique accelerator, but I think Refresh All would be much better. You can keep the /G accelerator or drop it entirely. How many times do folks use this accelerator?

    Anyway, thanks for 4cast, Shimon. Nice stuff.

    p.s. I'm using version 1.70.
    Bill Wohler <> GnuPG ID:610BD9AD
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    Agree on all items.
    Will change them.

    Thanks !
    Shimon Shnitzer
    Maker of TAKEphONE, 2day, 4cast, 2dial & CallCards -
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    Thanks again!
    Bill Wohler <> GnuPG ID:610BD9AD

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