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    GreenHex's idea gave me another one. Here's an idea which would get rid of the Last Used Cities dialog entirely:

    - Add a Go menu and add the last n cities to it.
    - Change the Select City dialog into a chooser widget (or whatever you call it) as the following example shows:

    Monterrey > Monterey ^
    Montevideo < Palo Alto v
    Montreal San Francisco
    Moscow Berkeley

    I'm not sure whether to use the up/down arrows to show the sort order, or to make it alphabetical, or most recently used.

    The refresh ability in the Last Used Cities dialog is found in an icon, and in the menu, so its functionality will certainly not be missed (indeed, see my next post ;-).
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    Whoopsie, the post didn't preserve the white space! Pretend that there are two columns of city names, with a column of left and right arrows between them and a column of up/down arrows to the right of them.
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    Not sure I understand what you mean...
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    Check out the Figure 59 Add-and-Remove Idiom on In 4cast's case, the list on the left would be the list of available cities (to which you could add new cities). The list on the right would be the cities that would appear in a new Go menu.

    You wouldn't have the Add All button, and you can probably dispense with the Remove All button (although others might weigh in otherwise here).

    Putting the Move Up and Move Down buttons in the middle will help with screen real estate, although the list to which they applied would be more obvious if the buttons were on the right. The order displayed in this list would be the order you see the cities in the Go menu (the most frequently visited city would be on top where it can be more quickly accessed). The top-most city would also be the one that would be displayed when the app first starts. I think you now display the last-displayed city first, although it might be interesting to make it configurable at startup to either display the first city in the list, or to display the last displayed city. The order of the cities would also be the order that the cities are displayed if you change the behavior of the right button to cycle through the cities.

    Does that clear things up?

    In my original post, I said to add the last n cities to the Go menu in the order that they were last used. This might be flexible and useful. Another idea that I floated in this post is to put all of the selected cities in the Go menu in the order specified by the user. The Add Cities dialog (renamed from Last Used Cities) could limit the number of selected cities by the size of the Go menu.

    But now I'm having second thoughts. It might be simpler and easier to keep the Select City dialog as it is. When a city is selected, it is added to the top of the Go menu. When a city is selected in the Go menu, it is moved to the top of the Go menu. The Last Used Cities dialog is no longer needed. You can either simply discard the least recently used cities once the Go menu is full, or create a preference that limits the number of cities to a user configurable number which is never larger than the number of items that can be displayed on the screen. You might also add a preference to clear the menu since you wouldn't be able to delete a specific city in this scheme.

    Hope this wasn't too confusing. Lots of ideas. I hope other users can weigh in with some clarifications ;-).

    I think the summary is this: The Last Used City dialog is replaced by a Go menu in any case. If you want to keep the menu in a particular order and delete specific cities then use the chooser dialog that you see in the above URL. Otherwise, simply add selected cities to the top of the Go menu which is sorted by most recently used city.
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