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    Jimmie Geddes
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    I ordered it!!!

    yay! cant wait!
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    BAMN - Graphite 10-8 enroute.
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    thanks! just ordered mine w000t w00t! I'm done w/ my WM5 MDA
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    Wait??? Is this a pre order??? it sais Item may take 1-2 weeks to ship
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    who cares! It's official now! i bet we'll get it by friday hahaha i kid...although it would be a great if we did
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    Funny thing is for how everyone was bagging on Palm becasue we would have to wait to buy the unlocked phone due to a "Cingular Exclusive." SOME EXCLUSIVE, the 680 still is not showing up on both the business or regular Cingular Site. HMMMM where are the bashers now???????????????? To the TMO folks, looks like you have nothing to worry about!!!!
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    Well, my Arctic is pre-ordered. I'm so glad Palm is selling the unlocked for less than Cingular is selling the no-contract locked. Can't imagine why anyone would go the non-contract locked route at this point. Unless you just wandered into the Cingular Store and didn't realize that Palm sells it unlocked. What are the chances that your friendly neighborhood Cingular rep is going to bring that up in the conversation?

    So we finally have an official announcement. Now we can all post about when it will actually ship for the next several weeks. Any bets?

    Since some Cingular Stores already seem to have the Graphites, I imagine Palm will get the colors out in a few weeks, probably just before Christmas.
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    Cingular has a terrible habit of selling locked phones at the unlocked price or almost at the unlocked price. When I realized this, I decided I will never buy another phone from them directly. Unless I'm sure the price is at least $100 below that of the unlocked.
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    What I found interesting was that when I ordered my Crimson one this morning, I went back and looked at the ones sold via Cingular and if you bought the graphite one and "kept your Cingular plan", you paid $50 MORE for the phone...

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    All right! Just ordered my graphite! Don't like the "may take 1-2 weeks" e-mail I got from Palm though. But at least - it's here! Yippeeee!
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    I was told by Palm that the Cingular Treo 680's are ready to ship, the 1-2 weeks is just an estimate. I was told that Cingular stores would be fully stocked for black Friday. Anyone who ordered the Cingular 680 from Palm will not have to wait 1-2 weeks. The unlocked should ship in a few weeks, definitely before the Dec. 1 date.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I ordered crimson!!

    I read somewhere that we will need an upgraded sim card with more memory for this phone. How does this impact the phone use?
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    I read a post here recently where someone had confirmed using an old 32k sim on either a 680 or 750.
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