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    I cannot get my palm Desktop software to install on my computer. I think the problem is that I'm installing it on a dual CPU computer. How can I install the applications... even if not "supported" by Palm? I was waiting for the Palm 680 to become available, but my current problems with the tungsten T3 may prohibit that purchase, if not remove me completely from the "Palm Universe" completely! Even though I'm a current T3 user, and not a Treo user, I feel this post will be of importance to the Treo crowd also.

    I've just built a custom computer. OS = Windows XP, CPU = Intel Core 2 Duo E6700. After with out error, hotsyncing my Palm T3 with my previous single processor computer for a few years, I've now discovered that Palm "provides no support for use of our software or for synchronization of our devices with these operating systems..... Dual- or multiple-CPU computers". I think this exclusion also applies to hyper-threading CPU's (which the core 2 duo is).

    There have been references on this website to a ImageCfg.exe application that will set the affinity for hotsync manager to one of the peocessors. However, my problem is more basic... I can't figure out how to install the programs (Palm Desktop, Hotsync, or Microsoft Outlook Conduits) to begin with.

    When I install from the T3 Desktop Software for Windows & Mac and Software Essentials disk, the installation freezes. This is after the "quick install" and "Palm Desktop" shortcut icons apear on my monitor, and after the "Updating Registry" message appears and goes away. My firewall (ZoneAlarm) pops up a message saying "Hotsync is attempting to act as a server". The installation freezes at this point, whether or not I "accept" the ZoneAlarm warning message.

    I've attempted to install the desktop software with all functions turned off in ZoneAlarm (ethernet cable disconnected from cable modem of course). I've also attempted to set affinity of the setup.exe, and autorun.exe by right clicking on the application in the Windows Task Manager and unchecking CPU 1 (leaving CPU 0 checked). Of course this is set after the executable has started, else, the executable would not have been in the Windows Task Manager.

    I find it almost impossible to imagine that Palm does not support dual CPU's. Especially since the majority of computers built in 2007 will likely be dual or multiple core units... with no ability to synchronize, how does Palm even have a product? That's why I didn't even consider looking into the details of my existing Palm product not being compatable with the core 2 duo CPU's. Is there a plan by Palm to begin supporting desktop software loaded on multiple CPU computers?

    Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Looks like this question has been asked (and answered) over at 1src:

    good luck!
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    Thanks for the reply bclancy. However the posting on the 1src forum does not address my real question of how to install the Palm Desktop to begin with. Most of the replies on the 1src forum link still use the Palm Desktop, but none address an initial problem in installing the software, probably due to the multiple processor issue.

    Anyone have any comments on my problem of not being able to install the software to begin with?
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    It is strongly suggested that all other running applications be turned OFF when running the install, in particular any antivirus or software firewall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhotoOne View Post
    ... the posting on the 1src forum does not address my real question of how to install the Palm Desktop to begin with. ...
    Maybe you should ask over there too.
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    Thanks again for the replies. Regarding turning off all apps during install. I selected "selective startup" using the MSCONFIG command (Start > Run > MSCONFIG), then rebooted. This should have eliminated any unknown processes running in the backbground. Loading Palm Software still stalled at the same location.

    I did keep all processes selected in the selective startup...checked were:
    Process SYSTEM.INI File
    Process WIN.INI File
    Load System Services
    Load Startup Items
    Use Original BOOT.INI

    Should I try again with fewer of these selected.... if so, which ones?

    Again, thanks for the replies. Will post on the other suggested forum as well.
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    In ZoneAlarm's Overview > Preferences > General area, I unchecked "Load ZoneAlarm Security Suite at startup". Then rebooted & attempted to install the software. (This was done at the same time that MSCONFIG was set up as discussed above.) This resulted in no change in where software installation stalled. Firewall and antivirus within Windows XP are also set to "OFF". I do not know of another way to make sure firewalls & anti virus are not running, or to make sure NO programs are running in the background.

    Thanks again for the input.
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    I wish I knew more about PC hardware in order to be able to give you specific help. In absence of being an expert, I just do my best to offer what I might try:

    1) Maybe you have a bad, missing, or misversioned/incompatable dll that is causing the problem. (Since this is a dual-core, it's probably pretty new and this may be unlikely). Still the general advice of did you install anything else that might be causing a problem?
    2) Sounds like you've tried to remove as much software as possible. Can you somehow validate the OS itself (via "system/doctor" type utilities)? Another alternative might be restoring from abackup or reinstalling the OS. Some systems might have a hidden partition where you can restore the OS from a hidden image. Mine (Acer) had such a feature. Suprisingly, it was just a one shot deal and the hidden ghost partition was not restored.
    3) Perhaps this idea is a little extreme (at the expense of some retail establishment) but maybe you could buy another similar machine at a brick and mortar place, attempt the install, and then return the system.
    4) You could try bringing your system to some place that knows about hardware and software. They could try and figure out what's wrong.
    5) Have you posted to the other forum yet? (Not too many everyday people have dual processor systems.) Chances are, the people who do on the other forum at 1src might be able to give you better advice.

    -- Bob
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    bcclancy.... much thanks for the continued thoughts. Follow up to your comments & more for others to ponder:

    1) Custom built system... after I installed OS I updated everything. Same goes for MS Office. Upgraded to latest BIOS (Motherboard is an ASUS P5W DH Deluxe). ZoneAlarm constantly updates. I've paid enought $'s to warrant a call to Intel, and Asus to see if they have any ideas or have heard of a similar problem. Doubt if the dll's could be either old, or if the computer has any real time on it for the dll's to be corrupted. Will contact ZoneAlarm to see if they have any thoughts... the idea that I've completly turned off ZA & I still get monitoring messages concerns me. (ZA doesn't even appear in the taskbar after unchecking "Load ZoneAlarm Security Suite at startup" & rebooting...still I see messages from ZA during install.)
    2) System is brand new... I basically installed the OS, installed MS Office incl Outlook, imported data to Outlook, then attempted to install Palm Software, thus reinstalling, or similar
    3) System is custom built & designed for photography... none exist similar to this "beast".
    4)May end up trying that option.
    5)I've posted on 1src a few hours ago.

    Thanks again!

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