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    The fine folks at Electron Hut never fail to impress me with their quality games. Their new Vegas Video Poker game was released last week. I was unable to try it until today, since my Prism's screen had died, and the replacement just arrived.
    Vegas Video Poker has eight variations, and has full control with the six action buttons! The interface is excellent, and the animation is top notch. Check out the screen shots. Note that the actual animation is much faster than it is in the animated gifs.
    Well, I'm off to register Video Poker, along with Free Cell. I have already registered Klondike and Vegas Slots.
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    I think I'm addicted. I've been playing the Vegas Slots game on my Prism every chance I get since early afternoon yesterday. The FreeCell is pretty cool also.

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    I have loved every program I have gotten from Electron Hut. I downloaded Video Poker last night and bought it within one hour!
    I had been looking for a good Video Poker game several months. This is the best both in terms of graphics and game play. I highly recommend it.
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    I got you beat, Richard! I registered Slots after 5 minutes, and Poker after only three!
    "Life is what you experience between racing games"

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