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    A few nights ago my phone crashed during a call attempt, and upon the restart it prompted for a HotSync and would not let me get back into the phone. I was away from home for the night so I took the battery out until the morning. When I put the battery back in I got the rainbow Bootload 0.24 screen.

    I have since used the Grack RomTool to download/reupload my ROM, but I still have serious issues.

    The only possible way I can get into my phone is to Zero Reset. After I Zero Reset, the phone starts up as normal.. but if I let the screen turn off I can no longer get back in through the keyboard. If someone calls me the phone will wake up and I can begin using as normal until it turns off again. During this time if the sim is in I can do EVERYTHING, including make calls!

    When I Hotsync back to my normal profile after a zero reset, the phone requires a reset. EVERYTIME I reset the phone I immediately get the Bootload screen, whether it be hard or soft.

    One thing I noticed when digging around through the phone while its operational is that in 'Phone Info' I see this:

    IMEI Number:
    HS SN: ############
    SA Number:
    Software: Treo650-1b.17-CNG
    Hardware: A

    So, what I think I have to do (but have not been able to try) is to upload a totally new Custom ROM, and then possibly try a Palm Firmware update. The problem is, though, that I cannot FIND a working Custom ROM link ANYWHERE. Can somebody please help?? Either with a link or any knowledge on my situation. Thank you all very much.
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    Hav you done anything new, like replaced a screen protector, new case????
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    Nothing new at all.

    I JUST tried to run the Palm Updater... in which it made me sit through the entire firmware and Treo Rom update, I watched it complete all the way to 100%... but after it was finished it reset and got the Bootload again, immediately. I zero reset again and it still reads no Firmware version though
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    does any of your buttons appear to be soft or pressed, take sd out, hmmmm.
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    No, the keys are all fine and work properly when the phone is temporarily working

    Can anyone possibly PM me with info on locating a working Custom ROM?
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    I am having the exact same issue. Has anyone discovered a resolution? Could it be related to the specific ROM build? I'm using the latest and greatest from the Palm site. I have Verizon phone service.
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    i have the same issue here. Help needed. Thanks
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    I may be stirring up the conspiracy plot. but Even though I lost what I thought was a reasonably clean VZW latest build ROM. I can't get my bootloader setup going at all. I thought GameXP had something to do with it so I nailed it but to no avail.

    This is bot my laptop and my PC too. I'm setup and ready to do a custom rom for VZW 105 a... And i can't get Windows to initiate the installation of the bootlodaer drivers. Even a manual install - no device detection. This can't be a cable issue??? I have 2 neither work.... coincedance. Grrrrr.

    Could latest refurbs, Official ROMS or MS updates be crippling our tools?

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