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    Hey all!

    I recently did some testing with ORB on the 700p. I posted in the ORB support forums what worked for me to get decent video streaming since 700p owners were having issues.
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    I Have been using orb on my 700p for a while, works flawlesly just have to keep the bandwidth low on the 700 so you wont get too many disconnects and rebuffering.
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    i've been having problems viewing the streaming shows. i've selected
    3GP/SDP format and in kinoma i get a unrecognized response. anyone know why?
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    everytime i click on a video on my orb it gives me unsupported media format on the treo?
    Any suggestions.
    My treo is totally factory except i have installed the delux pocket tunes.
    I have seen kinoma come up before on the treo when i looked at other video but it doesnt seem to be coming up when I use orb.

    Any suggestions
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    Where is the auto-play option?

    I posted on here a while back that Windows Media worked much better for me and someone replied that it causes 404 errors....

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    still want a mac streaming solution...
    noodlelest wet noodler

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