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    whenever i try to hotsync the pc with my treo650 it switches off , no matters if via bluetooth, ir or usb.

    now, i'm seriously thinking to switch to a windows mobile like treo750 and i have all my datas stucked in the palm that i can't backup.

    i tried to clear all the secondary apps on the mobile that could conflict with the system and it didn't work (any suggestion?).

    or i tried to backup data on the sd card, but i don't have a program that works without installing on the treo first (that i can't syncronize). maybe i can install it on another treo's sd and then use it on mine to backup?

    pliz HELP!
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    Did you have a post on the board earlier this morning about having recently reconfigutred your laptop and this problem started then?

    1. Could be the usb hot sync cable is now bad.
    2. Could be the usb port on the laptop is now bad.
    3. Could be that the usb port on the Treo is now bad.
    4. Could be that the laptop has a software glitch.
    5. Could be that the Treo now has a software glitch.

    Can you tell me more about the laptop re-configuration and what exactly happened prior to the 650 starting this issue?

    My first thought is to have you install the 650's Desktop software on another computer and sync your Treo there. If the sync works, then I suspect the fault is in the hardware or software of the laptop.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    actually i had a problem with my laptop and i had to replace it with another one, where i installed the palm sw with outlook and that could be the mistake, as the first pc was palmdesktop syncronized. that's where it all started. i don't think it could be an usb port problem because i always used bt and it worked fine (the cable gave probs since the T600 and tungsT so i gave up).

    i hope that when i'll have my laptop back i can hotsynch or at least losing only these 15days usage without backing up. then i'd like to install T750v with oultlook.

    how about the sd backup solution??
    thanks so much.
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    More later, but:

    Did the 650 ever sync with this new laptop?

    If push comes to shove -- you would be able to BEAM all your PIM data in mass over to a new device. (Contacts, Calendar, Memos, Tasks.) I did this from my Tungsten T3 to my Treo 650.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    never (

    i didn't get tht "If push comes to shove". what do you mean?
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    Quote Originally Posted by giacomucci View Post
    never (

    i didn't get tht "If push comes to shove". what do you mean?

    If the 650 never synced with he new laptop -- there is obviously a glitch there. If all your info is still on the 650 -- you could uninstall the Palm Desktop from the new laptop and reinstall it with Palm Desktop as your sync choice (not Outlook), but I am not convinced that is the problem -- it still feels like a hardware issue between the Treo and this new laptop.

    Anyway, if this issue cannot resolve -- and you do get the new 750V and get that installed and syncing correctly to an "empty" userid -- you can then infared beam all your PIM data from the 650 to the new 750 -- and then on the next sync of the 750 -- all your PIM data will go upstream to your new "desktop" set up.

    Anyone else with any ideas out there?

    Cheers, Perry.
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    but the 750v is windows operated. the layout and operating system is totally a different story and i don't think it'd pass datas simply by beaming.

    the treo switches off even when i start an hotsync and no pcs are around.
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    Good Question.

    Well, this knowledge base article says you can beam, to some extent, from a WM5 device to PalmOS device.

    Not sure about the other way that you will need.
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    thx buddy. it didn't work but at least we tried.
    any other idea?

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