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    I have a treo 650 with verizon. It seems that I cannot send a single picture to someone via bluetooth, is there a way to do that? Also, How can I make an mp3 set as a ringtone?

    Also, my Mail program seems rather large, and I cannot figure out why. I only have 65 messages, and have emplty the deleted items folder. Any thoughts as to what is happening? I am wondering if downloaded attachements may be hidden, is there somewhere special it places the attachments? Is it hidden somewhere and how can I view the files?
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    Verizon removed the send pic via bluetooth so you would be forced to pay for their pics/msg CRAP. There is a kinda work-around. Create an album and put the pic or pics you want to send in it. Then under the Album menu, Send, Bluetooth will be a choice. As far as the mp3 ringtone, you can buy something like Ringpro, but I use Minitones. Fools the treo into thinking a mp3 is a ringtone and also lets you edit the length, start, and end of the ringtone. Really nice app, best of all, its free.

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