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    Hey. I'm trying to display a Tivo recording on a Treo 650. I got Tivo Desktop to create a .mp4 file of a Tivo recording on my Windows XP laptop, then I used CardExport to copy the .mp4 file onto my Treo's memory card. However, when I asked MMPlayer to play the file, MMPlayer complained that it couldn't determine the format of the file. The file plays fine on my laptop using Windows Media Player, so I think the file itself is OK.

    I copied the .mp4 file into the directory where the Treo video player (the player that's part of the camera) keeps its files, but the player wouldn't display an icon for the file. Is there some way to convert my .mp4 file to a format that the Treo video player can play and install it where the player will find it?

    Basically, if anyone has successfully displayed an .mp4 file of Tivo recording on a Treo 650 via the Tivo Desktop, I'd sure like to know how you did it. Thanks.
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    have you tried tcpmp?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stroths View Post
    have you tried tcpmp?
    I haven't. I'll give it a shot once their site comes back up. But shouldn't the camera's video player be able to play a .mp4 file? Thanks.
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    tcpmp works like a champ. I use it with Tivo2Go.
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    The TivoToGo says that Kinoma is required for use with TiviToGo plus.

    I've used TCPMP with files that have been encoded with TV Harmony's Autopilot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH59 View Post
    tcpmp works like a champ. I use it with Tivo2Go.
    I just tried the latest version of TCPMP (version 0.72RC1), but when I tried to play my .mp4 file, TCPMP complained that the MPEG4 AAC Audio decoder was removed from the official package install because of intellectual property considerations. Is there a way I can get the MPEG4 audio decoder for TCPMP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kenji View Post
    Is there a way I can get the MPEG4 audio decoder for TCPMP?
    I got the answer from someone in a Tivo forum. One may download the MPEG4 audio decoder for TCPMP from (it's listed under "BetaPlayer AAC plugin"). Thanks to everyone for their replies.

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