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    Is there anyway to stop this? You know when you hang up a call it shows this popup for a couple seconds... Any way to kill this feature?
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    Don't look at your phone for a few seconds (it was meant as a light hearted joke)
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    Hmmm with 292 post on the board and the 10 times there has been threads about the solution to this, i dont think too many people are going to repeat it over again, do a search for Call Log ,you will find more info than you will ever need.
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    I use Test7.prc from this post in the thread referenced above and the pop-up is gone:

    Install it to an SD card and then copy it with Filez to your Palm main memory. You can't install it directly to the main memory.
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    Ah yeah... I dug around after dslunceford posted that link. I found that if I upload it to my website and download it straight from that I could install it. Thanks for the help!
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