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    Quote Originally Posted by zub3qin View Post
    My wish for VersaMail is that it would sync with my Outlook Exchange account (email) but not sync my calendar.

    I need something that lets me obtain work emails- which uses a OWA account like most people do. Only Chatter and Versamail appear to do this. But Versamail forces you to sync your calendar as well. Well, I have no need for my work calendar on my treo. And I almost erased my entire work calendar when I tried setting up and syncing my Versamail- quite a scare.

    Anyone have any tips or solutions? Hopefully the next version of VM will sync only email.
    I also sync to our Exchange Server and I don't sync either my contacts or my calendar. Within the Preferences of your Exchange Account (on your 700), under Delivery, select 'Autosync' then de-select everything but 'Mail' and you should be good. (I also have it autosynching between 6am and 6pm every day...and every 5 minutes - you will likely have to define this as well)

    BTW: I love Versamail. It does everything I need it to do...I don't need email more than every 5 minutes.

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    Nobody has mentioned how it effects the speed of the Treo... it was what caused my device to be so sluggish. Hard reset and no versamail equals no slowdown. At least in my case. Until Palm fixes this issue I'll stick with Snappermail.
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    I have used Versa almost since the 700p got released. The program itself works fine with my IMAP account. Not having push email capabilities is no biggie for me, one can configure Versa to check for mail every so often (like every hour or less)

    What I did notice once I installed Versamail (I have Verizon, thus Versa is not in ROM) is an increased slugginesh, but is not a deal breaker. I have heard worse with Chatter experiences (but hey, Chatter guys are cool OK)

    Overall if push email is not your thing, Versamail is a very good deal...
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    I have 2 accounts set up. Occasionally one or both decides to stop deleting messages from server and I have to delete, soft reset and set up again. Other than that I've been pretty happy with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zeze22 View Post
    Why is there so much controversy over Versamail? Are there stability issues related to using it instead of a 3d party app?
    I tried to make Versamail work because it's built in, but the deal-breaker for me is that it has (or had, when I was trying to get it to work 6 months ago) a limit on name length for imap sub-folders of about 15 characters. So 'Inbox.todo' is fine, but 'Inbox.Airline travel' is too big for Versamail. So it didn't see about half my folders. I went back to Snappermail, which worked very well for me on the 600, and is even better on the 700p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46 View Post
    A few months ago there were a couple of jokers here that said if you delete all the Versamail files it will eliminate any lags. They were wrong because the lags come from other 3rd party software. Even though they were wrong there were others here that adopted the same talking points to help justify their purchase of other email programs. The fact is that this is complete BS.

    That's not true. There is a lag in having the Phone app appear with the carrier name once Versamail is set up. This is likely due to the phone app querying for unread messages so it can display an icon.

    This lag disappears if you disable the Versamail conduit before your first sync. (a sync will otherwise set up a blank Versamail profile even if you don't set it up on your phone).

    There are other sources of lag on the 700p related to memory access, switching in and out of roaming, and 3rd party apps that are independent of this particular Versamail lag.
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    I use it with my Mac and PC without mayor problems. I wish it could read hotmail.

    The one issue it has is deleting attachments. I noticed i was running out of memory ad there's a file Versamail creates with the email attachments that must be deleted with a 3rd part sw to recover the space even if the email with the attachments are deleted.
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    I had boatloads of problems with VM on my 650, bought Snapper, and I suppose because that set me back some $50 or $60, never bothered reverting to VM when I upgraded to the 700p. Maybe I will one of these days, but I've got everything set up just the way I want it (and amazingly, my device has been rock-solid-stable for the past 8-weeks or so, so I'm scared to rock the boat, haha).
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    Versamail was a nightmare on the 650. I have had no problems with it on the 700p.
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    I know the older versions of versamail didn't sync contacts. With the Treo 700p and Treo 680 can you sync contacts (as well as email and calendar)?
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    My work Exchange email is synced every 15 minutes. I have never had a problem with VM, and the lag mentioned is totally inconsequential to me.
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    can you also sync contacts and calendar OTA?
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    I was wondering if I should get the 700p or 700wx... with the help of this thread, I think I'm going with the 700p... thanks... good thread.

    (been a lot of good threads around here lately, for some reason....)
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    Quote Originally Posted by msidnam View Post
    can you also sync contacts and calendar OTA?
    Actually you don't have any choice....contacts and calendar have to sync wirelessly.....when it's set up, the Hot Sync manager will automatically NOT sync calendar and contacts through the cable. At first this bothered me, because they don't give you an option for autosyncing mail separately from the others, and I didn't need the contacts and calendar to sync that frequently, but I just make sure I sync all once a day from the device. If you don't need or want your email real frequently, you can always sync that manually and set an autosync for everything else once or twice a day, or more frequently if you want.
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    I switched from Snapper to Versamail when I went to the 700p since it is included. It does somethings better, some worse, than the version of Snapper I was using. Overall a 3rd party price tag was no longer justified.

    BTW, I posted a thread containing a better fix than removing & re-adding your Versamail account for deletion sync problems.
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    So is Versa Mail really ok now? Sounds like most of you are saying it is working. I'm currently using the Wireless Sync via Verizon to get my mail, but can't get all attachments. Am considering Snapper and now maybe Versa Mail due to this post. Tried Chatter and it kept I re-installed and still had problems and deleted.

    I want a stable Treo 700P and good e-mail. Don't have to have push...every 5-15 minutes is fine with me as this is for personal use.

    Thanks for any comments.
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