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    Still trying to wait patiently....
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    Good things come to those who wait...

    I'm hoping we see something soon.
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    I just picked up version 1.1 at the BlueNomad website.
    Free trial version and free update to registered users.

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    Dear WordSmith Customer,

    We are happy to announce the release of WordSmith version 1.1!


    This new release contains many new, exciting features. This upgrade is free to all registered users of WordSmith. Please see the information below for download and installation instructions.

    The following are some highlights of this new release:

    - More colorful language. WordSmith now supports color fonts and color backgrounds. Select from among 16 text and 16 background colors.

    - Formatting options galore. With version 1.1, you can not only justify your text and set your margins, fonts and font sizes but also: set hanging indents, select line spacing (single, double, etc.), set spacing before and after paragraphs, insert page breaks, opt to keep the lines of a paragraph together, opt to keep paragraphs together on a page and designate outline levels!

    - Save to your heart's content. New save/save as option lets you easily save your documents without exiting them and more.

    - Compress on your own terms. You can now compress documents on the organizer on demand (from the details dialog box), when you save or during Hotsyncs.

    - Convert rich text documents to plain text documents. Need to share a document with someone who uses a plain text doc reader? You can now convert (save) a rich text document as a plain text document! This option will remove the bold, italics, underline, etc. from the rich text doc. If you want, you can also beam WordSmith to your friend - the doc reader and enhanced memo pad portions of the program are FREE!

    - Print your docs with PrintBoy Documents. WordSmith and Bachmann Software have teamed up to provide printing support for WordSmith 1.0. Please note that due to some changes in the format of WordSmith 1.1 rich text documents, the current version of PrintBoy Documents is not capable of printing such docs. This compatibility problem will be resolved shortly -please see below for details on future enhancements.

    - FitalyStamp Support. WordSmith version 1.1 is fully compatible with the upcoming version of FitalyStamp. Please contact TextWare Solutions ( for information on when the new version will be released.

    - Ability to preserve stylesheets and RTF document properties (information). You can now preserve the stylesheets of documents you sync to your organizer by using the new preference item found on the desktop application or document converter. Also, RTF document properties (information) are now automatically preserved.

    - Optional, extra LARGE font. WordSmith now gives you the option to install a new, extra large font to your organizer. Text that is 20-points or more will display in this font. In addition, you can use this extra large font for the new text display feature described below.

    - Ability to select text display font. From the Memo or Doc List Options' menus, you can now give your eyes a break and select the large (or extra large) font for text display or give them a workout with the small font. You can also select the size of the font in the list screen with the Table Font feature (extra large is not available for this feature).

    - Serious security for your documents. You can now set your security preference for WordSmith to a higher standard than your organizer, set timers for when security kicks in and set WordSmith to automatically heighten its level of security (e.g., from show to mask or mask to hide) with the passage of time (minutes, hours or days). WordSmith also gives users of Palm OS 3.0 or better the ability to mask records within WordSmith!

    For more information about any of the above features or version 1.1, please check out our manual.


    Version 1.2 - will include tab and bookmark support at a minimum. :-) Much of this work is already done. However, due to the large number of enhancements to the editing engine and to ensure our usual high quality standard, we will be doing a complete beta test phase on these features.

    Improved Printing Support - Documents that are "pretty as a picture"!
    Bachmann Software has committed to enhancing their current Wordsmith document printing support with a new version of their PrintBoy software in a few short weeks. The newest modification of PrintBoy Documents promises printing support for bold, italics, underline and an assortment of other functions you would typically only expect to find on your desktop. Visit Bachmann Software at to learn more about PrintBoy, or e-mail them at to request notification of PrintBoy's new release. Together, we'll help you produce documents from your Palm so professionally, you'll be tempted to frame them.


    Please note that you will need to download the new conduit (or converter) and the new Palm application for this upgrade to work. You may download the latest version of WordSmith (the demo version) from our website:

    After downloading the file, simply install it over your existing version -
    your existing documents and settings will remain intact. Please note that you can download and install the latest demo version directly over your current registered version - there is no need to uninstall first or re-enter your registration code. The application will automatically sense that you have a registered version.

    Lastly, thank you for all of your excellent feedback over the past 2 1/2 months. We will continue to strive to incorporate your suggestions into future releases.

    Thank you for your continued support!

    The Blue Nomad Sales & Support Team
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    Has the conduit changed or can we just use the new prc?
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    Fabulous enhancements!!! Thank you Blue Nomad!!!!
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    Originally posted by purplemd
    Has the conduit changed or can we just use the new prc?
    According to the article from Blue Nomad, there is a new conduit, and you need it for the changes to work.
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    Yea, but still no support for the Mac -- like advertised for a 1st quarter release.

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