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    I have a Treo 650 I just got. I have eReader Pro installed on it. I also have a Lifedrive that my wife uses that eReader Pro as well. My question is how do I put all eReader app and the ebooks on my memory cards? I can put the eReader program on the memory card but the ebooks dont transfer. I am trying to eReader Pro and the ebooks all on my memory card and then remove eReader Pro & the ebooks from the device to save memory.

    I can put eReader Pro on the card but the books do not follow?
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    I used Zlauncher or PowerRun to move it to the card.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenJoeM View Post
    I used Zlauncher or PowerRun to move it to the card.

    are the eBooks stored under another file name?
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    My ereader pro reference books are filed on the SD card under the palm/launcher/ directory path.

    Do you have fileZ? (A freeware file management utility.) (click on download)

    You can see all files on your Palm with this utility, but be careful what you move and delete with this utility -- only move or delete those files you are sure about.

    Side Note: never move files to the root directory of an SD card -- the PalmOS reserves this for system files and there is a limit of how many files can go there (44?), if you hit the max -- your card says it's full and you actually have plenty of space left.

    If the Palm/Launcher directory does not work -- try installing one of the books via the normal Palm Install tool to the SD card and see if a special directory is created for it -- then you can move the rest of the books there.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    For moving books to the card, just select "copy" from the menu option (within eReader)...

    All 59 of my eBooks are stored on the Sd card by this method.
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    I first installed Ereader pro then ran it without any books. I then moved the app to the card via ZLauncher. I then created a folder on the card Palm > Books I placed all my books into this folder and now when I open ereader I see all my books.

    Hope this helps

    By the way Ereader is up to v. 2.6.3
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    how do you create a folder on card?
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    Quote Originally Posted by flowerbliss View Post
    how do you create a folder on card?
    There are a number of ways to create a folder on a card. You can use a file manager app (freeware examples: Filez, FileProg, or 3XCommander). You can use an app that will turn the Treo into a card reader (examples: Card Export II or Card Reader) then use your computer's file explorer software. You can also just put the SD card into an external card reader (this is usually the fastest method for reading/writing card data).

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