Hi there,

After searching around I finally decided to purchase the 650 although it is bit outdate, coz there is no other smartphone suitable for me at good price. I've some concern regarding the stability, since I purchase new so the ROM is up to date, but there is still some issue I heard of about the memory usage, so I want to get advise on what apps to use and how to install it to minimize problem.

I need to use the following apps :

1. Opera/mini so I need Java first
2. Backup apps
3. MSN
4. A better media player

The 650 I purchase is a special Chinese version has a different ROM and only 21M user memory, and I want #1 and #2 to install on RAM, I also want my contact on phone memory coz I will remove the card for sharing file with PC from time to time, my contact is not much 50-100 the most so I guess this will not be a problem.

Thanks for your help !