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    After upgrading to the 700p from my 650, I now have a problem. When I delete a message in my Inbox within Versamail, it does not delete on the server. The only way I can get it to delete is to empty my Trash on Versamail before synching. But that's not how it should work (or did work on the 650). It should move the item from my Inbox to my Deleted Items on BOTH the 700p as well as my Exchange Inbox.

    I'm using Exchange 2003 with all the service updates and have no problem synching or deleting other things like calendar items or contacts. I'm using Exchange Activesync for my mail on the Treo and have recreated the account twice now.

    Any thoughts?
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    Hi jasondeno!

    Did you do a clean install to upgrade to the 700P?

    Also, my 650's VersaMail has "stopped" being able to do this 3 times over 22 months. . . . . a deletion of the account within VersaMail and re-creation of the account cured the problem. Maybe that would work for you, although I do not connect to a MS Exchange Server set up.

    To delete a message off the server from the Treo I must:
    1. Delete the message on the Treo
    2. Say from both server and handheld
    3. and then empty the trash
    4. I also usually say yes to clear the server now.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I think that was it!

    When I got the phone, I just let it take the place of my old 650. But today I went ahead and uninstalled Docs to Go and Palm from my PC and hard reset my T700p. After that, I just followed the directions on the install CD and rebuilt my palm with the newest versions of the apps and stuff.

    Now it seems to be running a little faster as well as mail goes to the deleted when I tell it to.

    Thanks Perry!
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