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    The following problem was intermittent, but now it is constant for the last 2 weeks.

    When I sync up my Treo with Outlook, some of my repetitive events are off by 1 hour in the Treo (This happens mostly if they have been created in another Time Zone through invitation, etc...), and most of my Central Time events are now marked on Saskatchew time zone...

    HotSync is setup to set a Time Zone to new events in Outlook.

    If I update the events on the Treo to reflect the correct time/time zone, now some of the events are maked as free in Outlook. When I mark them Busy and resync, I am back to square 1 with those events off by 1 hour... Therefore I can never by correct after a HotSync.

    I reinstall Palm Desktop, conduits, update to conduits. Nothing changed. I reset my Treo (soft, hard), same results. I even reinstalled the update on the Treo, with no changes.

    I tried PocketMirror, but their SW does not take Time Zone into account, so the results are even worse.

    Is there any suggestion I can follow, or is there a software that would do a nice sync?


    PS: To top that, if I look an invitation on my Treo, the next time I sync up, I will be set as the organized in Outlook (even though the data is still correct on the Treo). That has been always a problem I had on the Treo 650
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    Try changing the Daylight Savings time setting and see if that has any impact.
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    Nice idea, but same problem. Some of the other TZ appointments moved, and some of my local time appointments changed to Saskatchew time...

    If I could get a good SW, it would be money well spent...

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