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    I'm looking for an application that will lock the screen and keyboard while in another application, until a particular set of keys is pressed.

    My interest in this is the following scenario: my kids are driving me crazy in the car (or wherever) but they love to watch movies on my 650. I have a few movies on the SD card. I would like to launch TCPMP, start the movie, then lock the screen and keyboard so the kids don't lose the movie or even worse, start changing settings etc. on the Treo. Of course when I get the phone back I would press a set of keys to restore its normal operation.

    Notice I'm not looking for a security application that password-protects the phone or its data. Lots of applications do that. I want an application that lets the foreground application keep running (in this case one that doesn't need any user input.)

    (Yes I searched and couldn't find an application that did this... sorry if I missed it...)
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    Bump, I am looking for exactly this. Anyone got any ideas?

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