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    I bought a plantronics 645 and had nothing but trouble, so I'm sending it back to Amazon. To replace it I bought a 655 and it seems to have fixed most of the troubles I had with the 645.

    But I am wondering if I just got a bad 645. The thing snap, crackled and popped like a Rice Krispies ad, the earpiece would constantly rotate back to center no matter what I did, and would pop off either in my pocket or in my ear all the time. Lastly the small ear clip would rotate the earpiece, so using it was an exercise in timing and placement.

    The 655 is much better in terms of weight and the earpiece is finally stable, though it does still crackle a bit. At this point I'm keeping it regardless, either as my primary headset or as a backup to my WEP200. But the 645 is definitely going back.
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    Do you get the 2-second delay on the 655? I'm currently trying to decide between it and the wep200.
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    Yeah, I still get the delay. The WEP200 is much better in terms of speed of answer and range. I had to walk about 20 feet to start getting static. The downside is that it lacks DSP so it picks up everything, including background noise. It is also very small, which is a good thing and a bad thing. The good is obvious, the bad is that it is easy to lose because of its diminutive size.
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    I feel the same way. I'm torn between the two.

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