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    Well, I try to pair my 650 with my MBP (it pairs/works fine with my 17" pb).

    It 'pairs', but no services are found. No modem (the CDMA phones won't send/recieve files).

    This totally works (with sync + isync) on my PB 17".

    Any ideas?

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    I get the same message when I pair up - no services available. Seems to be a semantic issue. I can still hotsync and send/receive files via Bluetooth - not bad for "no services" available. Imagine what I could do if "services" were available...
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    On my 650 I had to turn "Dial up networking" to "On" (see Bluetooth preferences) during the service "detection" phase.

    If you do that your Mac should detect DUN.
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    I recently had to repair my PB 17" to my Treo and noticed that when I initially tried to pair with DUN on it wouldn't work correctly as you describe. What I finally did was to:
    1) Pair the two with no services listed (DUN turned off on Treo)
    2) Then turn on the DUN on the Treo
    3) Open the Bluetooth preferences
    4) Select the Treo from the device list
    5) Click the configure button

    Like magic suddenly the services were listed. I've had DUN set up for a long time, but haven't used it forever. Maybe there was a bluetooth update somewhere along the line on Mac OS X that caused me to have to repair the two like this. Strange, but works fine for me now.

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