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    Funny that they would put something whmurray describes as vaporware at the top of their list. No release date, no pricing, no ordering info on the page. Maybe someone more marketing-savvy than me knows this: Did Palm and the makers of the other devices cited in the article pay for that product placement?
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    My guess is PALM's 25 million dollar ad budget helped with this (and Russell Crowe's 680 as well). But, if you look at the actual reviews on the Yahoo link... it's a PALM thumping. The user rating is 4/5 but the "Pro rating" is 2/5. They talk about the 650's major quality problems and that they home this is all fixed in the 680. Not a shining review for PALM in general. (i'm still trying to figure out who all of these 680 users are on the "user review"!?)

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