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    I had a very bad night last night. Right before going to bed I set my Treo on my night stand. However, I must have accidentally bumped it because it fell to the floor (about 2 feet).

    The phone seems to be working fine, but the digitizer got a nasty gash in it. The screen and glass underneath the digitizer are also fine, but the messed up digitizer really gets in the way.

    I know that this will almost definitely not be covered by Sprint's warranty, so what are my options?

    Can I buy a digitizer seperately and replace it? I have seen some sites selling replacement screens ( ), but I was curious if I could replace just the digitizer? Would a 650 screen work in a 700p?

    Also, does anyone have an idea of how much sprint would charge to replace the screen?
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    I haven't read the Sprint T&Cs, but it's worth asking them if it's covered. I've seen other posts where they covered obvious water damage which you'd normally never expect.
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    When I inquired about Sprint's phone protection coverage they told me that they *usually* cover devices with broken screens "in-store".

    I'd suggest taking your phone to a Sprint store and see what they can do for you.
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    Well I went by the sprint store today. They said that I would need to have insurance in order for this to be covered. However, they offered to add it to my plan even though i have already had the phone for about 3 months now.

    I accepted their offer of insurance. According to the rep, I have to wait 30 days to file a claim, so it looks like I will have to live with this for another month.
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    You're lucky they added the insurance. They usually won't do it after a month of having the phone.
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    Just so you know. A screen repair is $58.
    At least thats what it said on the receipt I got last week when they tried to fix my 650. The screen was great , the phone just has issues so the insurance company is sending me another phone.

    The new insurance compnay works a little differntly than the old one did.
    With the old insurance company the store could do a replacement. With the new insurance company , The insurance company has to send you a replacement.

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