I have been really enjoying the ability to use Blue tooth, Stereo Headphones (Sonorix) with my Treo650, with the use of the SAG (Softick Audio Gateway).
Most of the songs I listen to are ones I have ripped off my own CD's and saved as wma files, that I play on PocketTunes.
I have noticed that the few tunes that I have purchsaed online won't play with this combination!
It yields the message "Unable to initialize the licensing subsystem".
Note that I CAN play these songs on the PocketTunes with the SAG disabled (set to internal), but of course this means that I have to play these songs via wired a stereo headset.
I noticed on the Pocket Tunes site there is reference to this problem, but the solution suggested seems to be to disable SAG...
** Has anyone been able to play licensed songs using the SAG and PocketTunes combination?
** Does SAG work with another MP3 player app instead of PT?
** Is this a SAG problem, or is it just the way it is?
- Rob