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    I've been using Verizon Wireless Sync for a few weeks now. I'm not terribly impressed.

    The latest issue is that I'm getting a red dot with an X in it on the Verizon sync logo in my system tray. I'm also getting error 80040207. I haven't changed any settings on the Treo or the computer.

    Can anyone tell me what the problem is, and what I can do to fix it? (closing and opening the program, and even rebooting, has not helped.)

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    I'm getting the same problem but only intermittently -- at least every two days it happens once. I can get it to work again by exiting PC Monitor and restarting it. But if I'm not in the office, PC Monitor will stop syncing when it gets this error. Is there a way to get it to automatically retry and recover without exiting and restarting the program?


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