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    Windows x64 has been out for over a year now, and Vista is nearly here. RTM copies of the new OS have been released already, which has prompted many other companies to release -at least- beta drivers to begin supporting the fledgling OS.

    We haven't really seen an update to Palm Desktop in a long, long time. Palm is in a curious state as they seem to be planning to move to "ALP OS" instead of Palm OS next summer, roughly.

    So when can we expect an updated Palm Desktop, that will support x64 and Vista?
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    Does nobody care about this?
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    I have seen reports that a version of Palm Desktop and Hotsync will support Vista, but not any time before it is officially released by Microsoft.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yeti2007 View Post
    Does nobody care about this?

    I don't think it's a matter of caring so much as it is a matter that it's totally out of "our" control. Palm will support it when they feel the need to support it and that is out of our control.

    So is it appropriate to "care" about something that is out of your control?

    I recall when the Treo 650 came out that Ed Colligan stated that they would have drivers for WIFI for the SD card..........anyone seen one? Same philolosphy here......Palm will do it when they get darn ready and not before.
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