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    As much as I hate to say it, it looks like I'm going to renew VC for my Treo700P. The problem I'm having is - every time I go to and enter my credit card info to renew, I get an error that says "Error In Transaction Please Try again. Error code 5." Same problem with 2 different cards and trying to "buy" vs. "renew." I get that they aren't really supporting the 700p - and that's bad enough, but now I can't even BUY the app?!?

    Could someone PLEASE create a new app - like Trillian for Treo 700p - that is (a) supported and (b) works? Yes - I've tried Causerie but between the delays and the fact that it shows people online when they really aren't, it's just not a good solution.
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    Update: Apparently, it is the credit card payment part of the website that isn't working. Paypal (and credit card via Paypal) works, but you get the error code if you try to just use a CC directly to PDA Apps. Nice.

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