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    I am still waiting to hear how I get my Palm V info hot sync'd to my new 650. I have the Palm V data on my laptop already. Do I just install the 650 software and then hit the hotsync button? Will the Palm V contacts find their way to the 650 software package automatically? Thanks.
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    Hi jfscars48!

    Follow these 600 to 650 instructions, just put the V in wherever you see the 600 listed in the instructions: (You should not do a direct hot sync to your V's userid -- there are some extra steps involved so you create a "fresh" install on your new 650.)
    (See post #5 below)

    Enjoy your 650!

    Cheers, Perry
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    Definitely don't do that. If it is possible you will have to export the Palm V data as a palm data base and import into the 650 desktop. But I will leave the details to somebody far wiser than I.

    EDIT - And he's already replied
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    Wisdom just equals the shared accumulated pain of many TC'ers.
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    Here are the copied instructions from the link:

    You do not want to just sync your 650 to your V's userid. It will create a brick, the 650 chokes on prior software settings on the V brought forward in this manner.

    Do a last hot sync with your V and then follow these clean install instructions:

    1. Install the Treo 650 Desktop from it's CD -- it put's 650 conduits into place.

    2. Hard Reset your 650, creating a "just out of the box" 650 (unless it is just out of box)

    3. Rename your backup folder on your PC to backupold (Programs>Palm>userid>backup to backupold) ...Hopefully that's the path that Handspring used, but you get the idea. (The backup folder houses the 3rd party software you have installed in case a back up from a hard reset is necessary -- renaming the folder takes it out of the loop.)

    4. Before you proceed, right click the Hotsync Manager icon in the program tray, choose Custom and check the action of your PIM conduits (Calendar, Tasks, Memos, Contacts); if any are set to "Handheld overwrites desktop", change them to either Synchronize or DT overwrites HH - otherwise, you will delete all the PIM data on the desktop.

    5. Hot Sync the 650 to your userid.

    You should have a clean Treo 650 with only your PIM data brought back from the V.

    Now install your desired 3rd party software fresh onto the 650 -- NOT from a backup! (Also, get the newest version, while you are at it.) When you Hot Sync again, a new backup folder is created, with the freshly installed 3rd party software backed up the way the 650 likes it.)

    You should be good to go. (Do not HotSync the V to this userid again -- that will mess things up.)

    These are good threads, as well:

    Cheers, Perry.
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    I NEVER had a 600. I have data from a Palm V on the laptop. Now I just bought a 650. Plse tell me once more what I have to do and please don't refer to a 600 as that never was a factor. thanx.
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    Replace all references to 600 in perry's post with V. Check compatibility list at before installing third-party apps.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfscars48 View Post
    I NEVER had a 600. I have data from a Palm V on the laptop. Now I just bought a 650. Plse tell me once more what I have to do and please don't refer to a 600 as that never was a factor. thanx.
    Hi jfscars!

    Please re-read my post #2, you need to follow these same procedures to go from a V to a 650 as you would a 600 to a 650. I stated to follow the instructions but just to put a "V" into the instructions -- wherever there was a "600" listed.

    I have edited post #5 to replace the 600s with the letter V.

    Detective makes a good point about checking 3rd party software compatibility -- not all programs that worked on the V -- will work on the Treo 650. You may need to update to the most current versions. In some cases -- you may not be able to use the program anymore, but most software providers have updated their programs.

    Cheers, Perry
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    Oops, I meant, not palmfacts.

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