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    New T650 user on a MAC. I have searched the threads boards before posting as not to make anyone mad.
    This is a two part post
    I have downloaded some third party apps to my phone and have now found after a few sync's and downloads that i can't figure out how to view photos from camera. I don't have the media folder on my applications page. I have the media conduit on my settings that states sync'd but can't find the media app on my phone or how to view any photos other than trying to edit contacts and choose new pic to view the please
    Through something that i done in downloads and sync's i have taken off some realplayer and photo-foto folders to the point where the app is there but states "cannot be launched becasue missing localization info"
    what did i do? please help!
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    Hi sinjin!

    Click the down arrow to the right of the time on your Treo home page.
    Select "ALL"
    Now can you see the "Pics & Videos" application or Icon?

    Cheers, Perry
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    It seams that i'm missing the gallery link on my palm. when i click the gallery button an error message comes up and states " this app is designed to run on Palm handhelds"
    Not sure why or what i'm missing.
    I also don't have any link on my apps page to view photos or video. how did it go away and how can i fix it?
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    Interesting, I did not think you could erase applications that are in ROM. So Pics & Videos does not show up when you select "ALL"?

    Is this Treo new or used?
    Who is your carrier?
    How long have you had it?
    If used, did the prior owner leave a custom ROM on it?

    Anyway -- if it is new -- I would trot down to your local carrier store and ask them to find the missing programs that should be in ROM.

    Cheers, Perry

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