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    FATAL CRASH when using Backup

    With the Treo650 I am using BackupMan v1.52 and for over a month I have been having FATAL CRASHES every time I would use BackupMan to backup everything. This occurs with auto backup & manual backup. This would always kick out ALL of my registration numbers for my programs. When it Hot Syncs it generates ZERO errors in the log and performs a Hot Sync as it should. When you “Try” to repeat the steps to get the backup error so you can diagnose the source, it appears to backup properly with no errors. It’s only when you use the phone normally, and have added data that you really don’t want to lose, that the error occurs and you lose the data, the registration numbers, and your program settings.

    When I select a file then click "Restore Device" try to reload the newly created Backup file, this is the error;
    “ERROR: The Backup Set you are trying to restore is corrupt, or was not created with this version of BackupMan.”

    * I am only using BackupMan v1.52 and have no ther Backup program loaded.

    * No new programs added or changed.

    The Backup program stops 1/2 way through the backup and then performs a soft reset. Then you the backup is corrupt & then the program registration numbers are gone and the data since last backup is gone.

    After ##377#
    System Error Log: A crash occurred 11/17.06 at 3:03 pm while running “Volume Care” Fatal Exception

    I would then have to go back and reload from a 'known' good backup copy which now is over a month old and lose any new data. So all of my data is now over a month.

    I have done a Hard reset returning the Treo650 back to its original as new then clicked “Restore Device” from a known good file and everthing is fine except the data is not current, then eventually when the time comes for another backup it will have the error.

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    Has anyone gotten a Fatal Crash using “Volume Care”??
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    The db cache gets a work out during a backup. In addition, background applications/alarms also are known problem causers. The answer is to use a backup application that works around these problems. I suggest taking a look at Resco Backup. You also expressed a concern for lost data - on that topic, take a look at On Guard Backup.


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