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    Does anybody have this problem? It occurs relatively infrequently, it has happened about 3 times in the course of a month, but when I am on the line and receive an incoming call, the phone resets. I hear the beep for call waiting but when I look at my phone to switch over, the phone begins the rebooting process. It's really annoying and I hope it is not a hardware issue.
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    I have this same problem. Some days it happens frequently and then I'll go a week and it won't happen at all. Any recommendations? I'm on a Verizon 700p. I have to figure out a way to fix this problem as it is driving me crazy! The only third party programs I have installed are: google maps, directory assistant, and splash id.
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    I have this same problem periodically (on Sprint). It's been more frequent lately. The worst of it is that the call I was on and the call coming in that caused the reset never show up in the call log, so unless I happen to be looking very carefully at the phone's screen, I don't know who called in that I missed (apparently these calls do not go to voicemail, either).

    Here's to hoping an eventual ROM update may address this issue, as well.

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