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    I am trying to view a large, JPG image of a subway on my Treo 700p.

    The built in image viewer displays the image, but I can not zoom into it, it resizes it so I see the whole map. I would like to view it at actual size and pan aorund the image..
    Are there any good (free) image viewers for Palm that do this?

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    Firepad is still a great program for syncing large images to your device. Yep, it's expensive at about $30, but works great, especially with maps.

    Years ago it was free. Some software sites have sales/discounts going on now.
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    ** or **


    free version and ones to buy

    light version vs pro version
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    Kind of OT, but why is the 700p so slow in rendering/displaying JPEGs? The processor is not slow compared to desktop computers of the not-so-distant past. I had computers half as fast that could render twice as fast. Anyone know what the deal is there?
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    AcidImage works very well at viewing large jpeg files. Loads images and pans/zooms very quickly. I used to use it a lot for looking at jpeg maps until I got a GPS + mapping software. But it's not free...

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