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    I recently moved from the 650 (w/ fat32 custom ROM) to the 700p and I would like to know if anyone has had any luck getting MSMount5 to work with their 700?

    Using the exact same steps that worked flawlessly on my 650, on the 700, I only get the pointers/icons and zero mounted databases when I enable MSMount from the prefs panel.

    I have formatted the card using every method I could find here on TC to no avail. The card works, but strangely, much slower than it did on the 650 w/fat32.

    Card: Transcend 1GB 80x

    Is MSMount working for anyone with 700p?
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    Allows you to put huge databases, i.e. bibles and dictionaries on the card and runs it like it is in RAM. Beats Powerrun (which I also use) because it doesn't have to copy the files to RAM before they are run.
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    Hi, Just got here but, msmount would not run on my 700p. Sympton was soft reset when attempting to go to pda by using home button. With msmount set to be active on a soft reset, phone would not complete a reset with SD card installed. Had to remove SD card and then do a reset. Could use pda home button if SD card wasn't inserted. First and every time attempting to use pda home button with card inserted and msmount active resulted in a soft reset that would hang.

    Rats. Was nice having the maximum possible ram available for applications.

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    As I never had a reset occur with MSMount, it just wouldn't fully mount any of the apps/DBs.

    I'm curious. What version of MSM are you using?

    I ask because the version I am using doesn't give me the option of making it active after a soft reset.

    Also, what size and speed card are you using?

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    I also could not get it to run on my 700p. Ben
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    While its probably too soon to say we have a consensus - it may be safe to say that it doesn't work with the 700.

    What a bummer, as it is the only application out of the 65 that I brought over from the 650 that doesn't seem to work.

    I am especially baffled by the fact that it does "mount" the icons, but nothing more.

    Thanks for weighing in on the issue.
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    So sorry. I had a very old version of MSMount. Would you believe Version 1.0? I downloaded 5.0b8 and will see how it behaves.

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