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    Hey everybody. I had not really tried the voice recorder app on the Palm. Sadly it is NOTHING like the WM version of the same. The format is not MP3 so I cannot listen to them on my computer, nor can I change the quality settings.

    Does anyone know of a PALM voice app that works well? Freeware would be sweet, but I am willing ot pay.

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    CallRec 4.0. The format is not MP3 but it does allow sample rates up to 22khz and it does offer compression. It's not as flashy as mVoice nor as feature-laden but the performance is quite good.
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    CallRec is what I use and it works perfectly. I am able to listen to the recordings on my computer as well (even though they're not MP3). I love the program and the ability to auto record all incoming and all outgoing calls (without having to interact with the program or phone in any way).
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    does callrec allow you to record calls if you are using a bluetooth headset? some lower-end phones allow this, but I haven't heard if this is possible with the treo.
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    Qualcomm's Purevoice converter will allow you to convert the Treo's recorded file into something more accessible. Not that this is the answer to all your problems, but it should be known.
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    I tried several programs and found that CallRec works with few issues. The biggest problem with mVoice is horrendous skipping and occasional freezing at all sampling rates. This was also an issue with previous versions of CallRec but seems to have been fixed in 4.0 I've used recording up to 22hz without any problems.
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    How about Audacity personal version from

    I never used CallRec so can't compare the two. But Audacity is pretty good in quality and offers compression and upto 24kbps.

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