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    Help! I am a new Treo 700p owner and during Hotsync only 1 of my contact folders ( corporate) actually syncs to my Treo. The other Contact folder(personal) does not sync. Any suggestioons?
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    Does anyone have 2 separate contact folders in Outlook? I have a business contact folder(original) with subcategories and I moved my personal contacts from this subcategory to its own contacts folder. I can't get both of these folders to sync with 700p. Only original contact folder will sync to Palm. C'mon somebody help me!!!
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    Contacts folder is the only one that syncs with the Palm OS right out of the box using the installed conduits.

    If you want to sync more than one folder - or a subfolder (preferred method) you will have to purchase Pocket Mirror Pro XT from (or some other add on conduit manager).

    Outlook - will recognize subfolders but the conduit manager included with Hot Sync only syncs the default Contacts Folder.
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