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    I have had so many bad experiences talking with people who use poor bluetooth headsets that I want to make sure I get a good one, now that I am going to jump in myself.

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    First off which phone do you have. Next do a forum search with the phone and bluetooth headset. Once you have read all of the posts, then I am sure you will have a question which may be more specific. So then ask away. Good luck!

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    I have a Treo 600 now which I have owned for three years, and I am planning to get a 700p or a 700WX, I have not decided which yet.

    I just bought a bluetooth adaptor by Jabra to use with my 600, which I am going to set up to work with the BT in my car. I bought this adaptor as a temporary setup so I will have BT while I wait for Palm to fix the BT problems they are having with the 700 models.

    Now I want to get a BT headset too, and I want to find one that is very good, and works well with the 700 phones.

    I see some good comments about the Jabra jx10, and the Plantronics 640?

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    Unfortunately the BT experience is so subjective that you are just going to have to try different ones for yourself and see what works for you. I had a JX10 and liked the form factor, but the outgoing sound quality was poor in any environment but the quietest. It went KIA when I attempted to modify it by adding an boom mic. (I'm an attorney, not an electrical engineer. Ha ha.)

    I have had good luck with my Motorola HS-850. Mine is revision C; that may make a difference. The only complaint I have about it, is that the volume on the incoming sound is not as loud as I would like. The outgoing sound quality gets an A+ from my three most vocal critics: my wife, my mother, and my paralegal. (They gave the JX10 a D or F.)

    I bought it at Best Buy due to the liberal 30 day return policy. I would suggest that you go to a Best Buy and see if they have samples that you can try with your phone. The Best Buy near me did, and I was lucky to find an associate who knew what he was talking about. I was able to try 4 or 5 before deciding on the HS-850.

    For more details, see my thread here:

    Good luck!
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    Thanks Russelb, will do.
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    [HTML]Because the Treo 700p passed these tests, it will most likely work with other Bluetooth Qualified products. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility with every Bluetooth product on the market. Palm will continue to test Treo 700p with other products as they become available. Please come back to this page to see the updated compatibility list, and to download the latest patches for more devices.


    Compatible with Treo 700p smartphones:

    * Jabra BT-160
    * Jabra BT-150
    * Jabra BT-350
    * Jabra BT-500
    * Jabra BT-800
    * Jabra JX10

    * Motorola H500
    * Motorola H700
    * Motorola HS-850
    * Palm Treo Headset
    * Palm Ultralight Wireless Headset
    * Plantronics Explorer 320
    * Plantronics M2500
    * Sony Ericsson HBH-660
    * Sprint Earglove BlueVoice

    Currently NOT supported:
    (check back later for updates on these and others)

    * Plantronics Pulsar 590 (stereo headphones)
    * Plantronics Voyager 510

    * Sony Ericsson HBH-608 [/HTML]
    I bought a Samsung 2000 model and was happy for the first 2 weeks, now it keeps losing paired info and have to "re-pair" it to the 700p.
    Will remove ALL BT utilities and see if that helps.

    My Jabra X10 paired better most of the time, but sound quality was bad.
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