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    when i hotsynced tonight (via bluetooth) it got to syncronizing documents and then the desktop dialog box went away. the 650 continued trying to sync and then timed out saying the connection was lost. there was no code mentioned. Couriously, the log on the desktop was not there, as if I never started a hot synce session.
    The hotsync icon in the tray goes away too. when I restart hotsync manager, the same thing happens at the same time, as soon as it tries to sync docs to go.
    So, I changed the set to "do nothing" with the docs to go and I was able to hot sync.
    It clearly appears to be a docs problem and not a bluetooth issue, but dataviz's site didn't help.
    any clues?

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    See how much free memory you have. If you dont have it, download the free tool from their site that moves all the docs to go stuff to your card. That's usually good for clearing 3-5 mg.
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    I have 7.2M left of memory. that should be enough shouldn't it?

    why would it only stop when doing Documents To Go? When I change the set up to "do nothing" with Docs to go, syncing continues fine.

    One courious thing happend this morning after I posted my original question..don't know if its related:
    Listening to Pocket tunes i went to pause and when i did the phone reset, but when it came back, all settings were lost. I mean everything. no email, all bought & registered software was there, but now it was unregistered. ring tones everything was gone. However, all data was there.
    I was able to hot sync, changing everything to "PC over rides handheld". Nonetheless, Docs to Go still causes hot syncing to loose connection.


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