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    Quote Originally Posted by Rome View Post
    700P is made by HTC. 680 is made by Inventec.
    Huh? For some reason I trust the source in digitimes than you.

    HTC made 700w/wx not 700p. And just to refresh you guys memory, 700w by HTC was delayed as well. It was announced in fall 2005 and slated to be released around Christmas 2005 but Verizon released it at Feb 2006.
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    Face it. Palm doesn't really "do" release dates.

    The 700W was supposed to be launched on January 30 of this year but on the 4th they were in stores and for sale.

    The 680s aren't late because they were never given an official release date.

    Let's review how this rumor played out....

    The 680s show up on Amazon for pre-order then they disappear.
    In the next day or two this rumor surfaces siting the fact that the phone is no longer on Amazon. Before the rumor even gains traction the 680 is back on Amazon.

    Sounds like this was more of a problem with Amazon's site.
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    In the hardware business, you take bids from who is competent to make the hardware. It's nice using the same people, but sometimes either they're too busy or you get a lower bid from someone else.

    Changing hardware vendors means nothing.
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